Movies on demand is awful and I want a credit..

Half the time I order a movie on demand they don't work . Tonight was the final straw. Trying to watch the Flowers of War, we got halfway through and it stopped working. I want a credit and trying to navigate customer service is a horror show. I have had two broken boxes in two months. I have had it with Fios. Anyone help me out on this?

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You could search these forums for VOD issues and would realize you are not alone in your frustrations. VZ VOD is a challenge, and it's realiability is uncertain at best. Many, including myself, are seriously dissatisfied with the current state of VZ VOD. There have been reported technical problems in many VHOs, so some problems seem systemic. Plus weather related phenomena either cause problems or hinder any repairs. As an alternative, many are going to a supplemental viewing option using streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, VUDU and Amazon Prime. Streaming devices include newer TVs and BluRay players, and stand alone devices like ROKU. You can also hookup a computer to your TV.  Picture and audio quality vary, but is usually very good. And the entertainment selection is extensive and varied. I am avoiding VZ VOD altogether for this much more satisfying experience. 

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First and foremost I like the services FIOS offers for TV and internet.  Don't like or dislike phone service (save for the battery connection deterioration).  I strongly dislike On-Demand.  The picture quality is inferior to Amazon and NetFlix.  The cost tends to be higher than Amazon.  The audio quality is worse.  Last night we were watching Boulevard (I really like this movie) when 65% through it the sound starts deteriorating and remains VERY poor for the next 20 minutes or so.   Thus ruining the movie - including the best scene (Williams' character telling his father what he experiencing).   Yes, I suspect FIOS will reimburse  the rental cost but the evening was still lost from the perspective of entertainment.  Very sad indeed.

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I can say that I have only had 1 problem with Verizon VOD over rhe years.

I have had other problems with Amazon, Netflix, and others as well.

And I don't see any difference in video quality.

But as always, YMMV.

BTW, expect this thread to be locked as you added a comment to a thread that was 3 years old.

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Active topic, exists even since 2011 posts. Appropriate content.