Multi-Room DVR issues

A few years ago, my wife and I made the switch from Comcast to Verizon.  We got the Multi-Room DVR, which is very convenient.

Last fall, I finished the basement, and set up a "man-cave"  I got a nice big plasma TV, nice theater system, and I got an HD/DVR Box for the basement.  It's not part of the multi-room DVR set up, so I'm greys anatomy, private practice, american idol, chick flix etc.  Only sports, movies with hot chicks or movies with loud explosions.

The problem is....the man-cave DVR  CONTINUES to get reset to be the HUB of the multi-room DVR system, which is completely wrong.  If I unplug the basement DVR, the system functions properly, but when I plug in the basement DVR, the multi-room DVR resets to make the basement the hub...and the wife's shows that she records upstairs in the family room are not accessible on the 4 standard boxes in the house...only my sports programs in the basement.

I've called Verizon no fewer than a dozen times to get this fixed, and they continue to tell me that the family room DVR is the hub...but when I go to a satellite box and hit DVR, it's pulling the information from the basement DVR.  It was fixed last week, and within 48 hours, the system reset and made the basement the DVR box.

If I switch boxes, the same thing happens....the basement is the HUB...and it shouldn't be.  It should be seperate from the multi-room DVR.

Re: Multi-Room DVR issues
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Hey pdiehm, can you fill out this link and in the message please give us the serial# of the STB that you want to be the hub so I can resolve this issue for you.