Multi-Room pixelation

Having an issue when watching a program in another room while being recorded on the main DVR.  Say I setup a program to record and then go to another room and am watching it while it's being recorded on the main DVR.  More often than not I'll get serious pixelation on the second TV, but it's fine watching the TV where the recording DVR is connected.

Re: Multi-Room pixelation

the multi-room and vod experiences are very much reliant on the internet router, in fact it ALL goes through the internet router.  so if you are getting pixelization on vod or multi room viewing, then that is your first step.  I would go reboot that router.   in the back there is an on and off switch, just turn it off for about 30 seconds and then back on and try your movie again.   if it doesn't work correctly, then click menu>settings>customer support>in home agent > set top box auto correct.

If it's still bad after all that, then  reach out to chat support or call VZ at 1-800-VERIZON.  You can always try unseating the coax cable runs to that tv, and rehooking them back up, that may help but outside of that try the suggestions and then maybe contact verizon

Re: Multi-Room pixelation
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I had a similar problem.  When I reported it, VZ sent me a new Router.  That did not correct the problem.  When I reported the problem again they replaced the ONT and now it all works great.  Replacing the ONT requires a truck roll to your home.