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I was wondering why after watching a music video a few times, it will eventually come up with a message saying something like, "This video has expired" or "Is no longer available".

Like, for example, (weird example, sorry) but

 the music video for  "Sweet child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses was available OnDemand.

 If you typed "Guns N' Roses" in on the Search Box, it would come up in the results.

The video was bookmarked, and after about the 5th time of watching it, it said it was "expired".

 Then if you tried to search it in the search box, it wouldn't show up at all.

After about 2 weeks later, I typed in "Guns N' Roses"again and the Music Video for "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses came up in the results... but no "Sweet Child O' Mine".  Sorry if all these facts are irrelevant... but it's just an example.

I was wondering why videos become "Expired". Are they supposed to?

(Sorry if this topic was already brought up). Thanks.

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I believe it is like HBO VOD or any other channel that offers VOD.  Every month HBO changes what is available on their VOD lineup to mix it up.  I'm sure that is the same thing happening in your case.