My added hour to NFL recorded games is going away
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For two weeks now, I have been trying to record the NFL New England Patriots games.  As always I added a hour to the DVR recording because the game always runs late.  For two weeks in a row, the added hour goes away, and I don't get to watch the end of the game.  For this past weekend game, I set up the recording about 5 days before the game.  On Saturday, 12/17, I check the recording and the extra hour was gone.  I added it again, checked the recording and it showed the game was to be recorded with 60 extra minutes added to the end time.  However, sure enough the DVR failed to record the extra 60 minutes of the game.

I have been recording with extra minutes for years, so I know what I am doing.  The DVR is removing the extra minutes from my recording.


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For a work around, instead of adding an hour, just record the show(s) following the game. That way it will tape.

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Hi, I am sorry, I know that is frustrating. What I usually do with live sporting events is I record the event and the show after. That doesn't explain why it is not retaining the setting to record the extra hour. I can always reset the box which will delete any settings you have (it will not delete recordings), in case there is a glitch on your box. If you want to go that route please send me a private message with your contact information.

Peter C