NASCAR event not broadcast on August 19th

The Bristol night race for the Nascar Monster Energy Cup series race was not aired on Saturday night August 19th.  I assume that the pre season football bumped it from the schedule. Here in the D.C. area the football game could be found on multiple channels and the race on none.  Are you kidding me?  Is there no one at all at Verizon that has ever heard of Nascar or the millions of fans that follow this sport?  The race was covered by NBC so its not like it was some obscure "ten-cent" broadcast that might escape notice.  This was one of the most anticipated and popular races as the season winds down toward its play-offs.  Shame on VERIZON for cheating us out of this event, and no, I did not watch the swimming or the meaningless pre-season football instead.  I was too mad to sit still.  NO EXCUSES!!!

Re: NASCAR event not broadcast on August 19th
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Community Leader

Verizon  has no control over what programs are shown on the channels.

In the case of the DC issue, WRC explcitly stated that they were carrying footbal. And their contract did not allow them to move NASCAR race to another channel.

Unfortunately, it shows that NFL has more pull than NASCAR.

BTW, I did see Bristol race. It was on NBCSN if I rememebr correctly.