NHL CI Race For The Cup, only 7 gms/week in HD
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I planned on ordering NHL Center Ice Race For The Cup.  It is the end of season version of full NHL CI.  It showed up as available for $55 earlier in the week.

When I looked at the details it says "Up to 7 games a week in HD."  Since I read "up to" as "no more than" I call CS to clarify.  I got bounced around to several people but in the end no one would commit to more than that even though every game is available in HD.

In the past nearly every game was in HD so I am not sure why they won't commit to more.  Starting today through Sunday there are 9/8/7 games per day.  Yhat means the "up to 7" in HD would be exhausted in one day and the rest of the week I would only get games in SD.

Any thoughts or insight from other customers?

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