NHL Center Ice HD - weird behavior.

I recently subscribed to FiOS TV after having Phone and Internet for a year or more.  One of the specific reasons I had been holding off was waiting for NHL Center Ice to be available.  So, after realizing that my hopes had come true, I quickly made the switch.  Now I have a weird issue that I'm not sure about.  These are my observations.

I have 2 TVs, both Sony Bravia XBRs. 

TV1 - HD DVR QIP 7216 connected via HDMI.

TV2 - HD STB QIP 7100 connected via Component Video and composite audio.

The following behavior I've observed 

TV1 - At night when there actually is an HD NHL broadcast on I usually get "currently unavailable".  I've suspected it's due to firmware 1.6.0, but not sure.  Occasionally, if I power cycle the box, I can get video to stay but no audio.  So far, I have yet to get audio during evening games.  I have had success once, during an afternoon game of getting both video and audio for the entirely of the game.

TV2 - So far, this TV has not displayed the "currently unavailable" message (which only further makes me think it's tied to the firmware issue and HDMI), but it does seem to lack audio for the HD game.  

Every other channel I've tried, SD or HD gets full video and audio.  So it's just curious that this one channel gives me such issues.  Is it a matter that there are frequent audio issues with the HD feeds?  (the SD version of the game has both audio and video) or firmware issues or something else?  

I haven't managed to find another post that addresses this yet in my search.

Re: NHL Center Ice HD - weird behavior.

I have a similar issue.  I have 3 HD boxes (each is a different model).  The only channel that I get (including both HD and SD) is 587 (NHL HD).  Verizon cannot figure it out. 

They are planning to come by and switch out the gray box outside my home where the line comes in hoping that there is an issue with the firmware. 

It is strange that only one channel is not coming in.  A few months ago, I could receive occasional programming on 587, but it would pixelate and eventually freeze up.  In the past 2 months, 587 has not loaded at all. 

VZ confirmed that my signal is strong and they cannot figure out why that channel doesn't work for me.  A neighbor is able to receive it without any problems.