NHL Network free preview

Is anyone getting the free NHL Network preview?  It's advertised on NHL.com and Versus but I don't have it.  I called Verizon and they told me their free preview was two weeks ago.  The big add campaign is this week but Verizon slipped their's in when no one was looking.  Then they tried to sell me an upgraded package to get the NHL Network.  Maybe if I had seen the free preview I would have appreciated it and paid the extra money but since no one told me they were having a free preview I don't know if it's worth it.  It's bad enough I paid the $200 bucks for the Center Ice package and still don't get the NHL Network now they can't even coordinate there preview with every other network (Comcast, DIRECTV, Dish Network, Time Warner Cable, Cox and RCN Cable).

Re: NHL Network free preview
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Whoever you talked to had no clue, and was talking about the free preview of NHL Center Ice a couple weeks ago. How shocking.

I don't know anything about a free preview of NHL Network, but you would think it would be in Verizon's carriage agreement as to when they are supposed to show it to everyone. The channels decide this schedule for the most part.

I'm sure no one will tell you when you call, but NHL Network is available on Extreme and Ultimate HD, and if you don't have HD, you can buy the "sports package" for something like $15 a month. This includes NHL, NBA, and all the sports channels in the low 300's. Kind of a lot to buy for one channel, but that seems to be the only option outside of a HD bundle you may not want.