NIGHTMARE experiences in upgrading FIOS equipments and customer support

It has been one nightmare experience to the next for me over the past three months with Verizon Fios. For some reason, I have been having a very low internet connection in my house/basement since Nov. '17.  Three techicians came out from Nov. '17 thru Jan. '18 trying to fix the internet connection issue.  After three trips and charges (one of the technicians blew up the communication of my home security system and Verizon agreed to credit the trip charges back to me), I was told by the security company that I should get a new router.  I reached out to Verizon FIOS on 1/21/18 and after talking to Support and the Manager, Ms. E. Jenkins and then Judith in Sales, I agreed to sign a new 2-year contract for $243.22 to receive four (4) multi-room DVRs along with a Quantum Gateway router.

And here is when the real nightmares began.   When I was ready so switch out the equipments, I discovered that I was sent the regular/Generation 3 router instead of the Quantum Gateway.  I immediately reached out to Verizon FIOS on 3/4/18 and since then, beetween over 20 communication I had with Verizon FIOS thru chats and phone calls , between Suports to Sales back to Support to Sale and their managers in between, I've been promissed over and over that they have put in a new order/Verizon is sending me the correct Quantum Gateway router along with the box and label for me to return the incorrect router back to Verizon.  

As of today, over six weeks in since I signed the new contract, I still have not received the correct Quantum Gateway router.  I am extremely disappointed over this unpleasant and nuissance expereince as I've been a GREAT and loyal customer of Verizon - FIOS and Wireless over the past 20 years.  I have never had any issues with Verizon up until now.  This is very unfortunate for Verizon that I am now considering cancelling the service/terminate my contract with them and go with another telecummunication company who can simply provide me the service and equipments I need at home... and OVER A ROUTER but it seems that there is no way to get this issue resolved thru Verizon FIOS without, as it seems, for me to having to go to the President Office.

A very frustrated and disappointed long-time customer.

Re: NIGHTMARE experiences in upgrading FIOS equipments and customer support
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.