Need Help with Fios TV? Try In-Home Agent
Specialist - Level 3

Just in time for the holidays, I wanted to remind you of a little present Verizon brought you. A while back, we made some changes on our Interactive Media Guide (IMG) on Fios TV that will allow you to do a lot more with In-Home Agent.  This is a great news for you because instead of having to mess around with Customer Support, you’ll now have many of the tools you need to fix a variety of issues that pop up at your fingertips!  And let’s face it, anything we can do at home in our PJs without having any wait time at all is always a good thing.

Verizon spent a lot of time looking at all the reasons Fios TV customers like you called into our Support teams or chatted online with one of our agents to see if we could automate any of these fixes. And the good news is, we could!  So here are some the features we added:

  1. Automatically fix set-top box (STB) and DVR issues: This feature will help you identify and fix some of the common and annoying issues with your system, like blocky pictures, an unresponsive STB, missing IMG or On-Demand menu or issues with recording shows using your DVR.
  2. Automatically fixes multi-room DVR issues: This will help to active all your DVRs when you subscribe to this feature, as well as trouble shoot any problems that may arise.
  3. Remote control ordering: Broken remote? No problem- order a new one through your STB.
  4. FiOS wireless settings: Need to access your Fios wireless network settings, like SSID and WEP/WPA Key? Yep, you can do that here too!
  5. Connect your wireless devices: When you get a new toy like a smartphone, iPad, or laptop find out how to easily connect it to your wireless signal with Interactive Help.
  6. FiOS Digital Voice: Get your Fios Home Voice Mail Access Number whenever you need it with Interactive Help.
  7. ONT battery replacement: When you need a new ONT battery, you’ll get a pop-up on your screen alerting you to such and letting you order a new one.

 You can use any of the features by simply clicking Menu on your FiOS Remote Control, and then navigating to Customer Support then to In-Home Agent. Our goal is to make life as easy for you as possible. We hope these shortcuts do just that!

Please go here and let us know what you think about these changes- we'd love to hear any suggestions/ideas you may have to improve them!