Need Remote Control Manual
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I'd like to identify this remote control so that I can program it for my Samsung TV and Sony sound bar.

I thought it was the Atlas OCAP 5 but it's only got 4 device buttons and NO setup button.

Verizon does not give  out this remote anymore because apparently they were too complicated for most users.  The ones they issue now only control the STB and TV.   But the new remotes also do not have the Setup button.  So I tried the OK & 0 buttons as per those instructions.  That didn't work.  I also fumbled around and discovered if I press the device button and the OK button at the same time all of the device buttons flash.  Then I add the code and the device buttons flash again.  So I thought I landed on the right setup.  But after going through all of the codes for my TV and Audio devices, none of them worked.  So I'm not sure that I'm even programming the buttons.

So I'm looking for the correct Remote model so I can find a manual.  Either that or maybe someone knows the set up routine?

EDIT:  Found it -


Re: Need Remote Control Manual
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Thanks for the link put your info into my VZ manuals folder

Manual for Remote that is used with HD QIP 7100 1 in Bedroom

Remote been working great for years now