Need help in connecting a Panasonic DVD/VHS player to ARRIS VMS4100

Good evening,

I switched to FIOS over the weekend and the tech connected my TV and Panasonic DVD/VHS recorder in a chain.  After he was done, I was able to play DVD's and VHS tapes using my Panasonic recorder by switching the tv input from HDMI to "TV" or "VHS" (I have a Sony Bravia tv set). However, I am unable to record anything onto DVD or VHS tape. Any suggestions? Thank You as I'm brand new to FIOS.

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The old cable box you had most likely had a coax out port which the VMS4100 doesn't. You'll probably need two sets of RCA cables (yellow/red/white). One set will go from the VMS4100 RCA outputs to the DVD RCA inputs. Then the DVD RCA outputs will go to the TV's RCA inputs. 

Even once connected the VMS4100 might have copyright encryption so you can record onto a DVD but I can't say that for sure. 

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The previous response was half right, you need to connect the Panasonic to the cable box using composite (red, white, yellow) cable. Choose input 1 or 2 on the Panasonic depending on which input you connected to the cable box, and run HDMI out from Panasonic to tv. Then you can choose source on tv as you do now. There is no copy protection on the composite out of the cable box.