Need the option to disable signal to TV when system goes to sleep on FIOS Quantum boxes

I have been looking for a solution to this problem for some time now. either its falling on deaf ears, no one cares or no one understands. So please read, and understand.

I upgraded to Quantum two years ago, No, I do not have the set top box numbers but that is irrelevant.

There is no current fix for this solution as this is a software issue you created by removing the function.  

Under the old system we could disable the Screensaver so that when the box shut off after the preset time it would shut off and no signal was being sent to the television. This would then allow almost all TV's to turn off after 5 minutes. Why is this important? because most people leave their TV's on to go to sleep. My wife and mother-in-law included. (Much to my chagrin. I need totally darkness to sleep.)

My poor MIL has a hard enough time just getting the TV to work without complicating her life by trying to get her to use the other remote to set the TV to sleep mode. Which in itself is an issue, becasue sometimes you dont know you're going to passout in 21.2 minutes. 

I wake up in the middle of night and have to shut the TV off because I have a large bright screen in my face. This is of course assumes I have the remote because my wife might have it. so now I’m waking her up getting up and fishing for it in the middle of the night so that I might sleep.

I have no idea why you removed this. I implore you. Please let us disable the screen saver, or even give the option to stop the signal to the TV after it goes to sleep for some time.

Every other system I have stops the signal, from my Xbox to my Apple TV

I promise you, I will never buy, or watch anything you display there, I never read the tips or even pay attention to them. It is a reminder of how much I hate it, of how much I am starting to hate FIOS, of the chunkiness of even having a cable box.. I am seriously thinking of getting rid of whole thing.  

I need my sanity.  Please fix this. Thank You.

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This is mainly a peer to peer support forum.

I believe it was changed because people were complaining that they didn't realize the box had shut off but the TV was left on and they didn't realize it.
Does your TV have an auto off feature (ie if no button is pushed for a certain length of time)?

Or can you set the TV to automatically turn off every night at a certain time (maybe midnight)?


I have the same problem, and thought it could be fixed by disabling the screen saver—but that only puts a time display on the screen rather than the posters, so the tv still does not turn off. Verizon really needs to fix this and have an option where sleep mode turns the box OFF with no display!

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Why leave the TV on with no input?

Did you see suggestions on way to have TV shut itself off?

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Most modern sets will turn off if no signal is detected for 10-15 minutes. This is common

Verizon should absolutely add the option to disable the output signal when the Fios One sleeps, as there are plenty of scenarios where one might not "shut down" the system properly (forget, distracted, asleep, mistaken, guests, kids, etc...)

I now (occasionally) have an OLED on my kitchen for hours because of this. Why nor have the option? Its a simple feature that saves energy