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Why is that we do not have access to CBS's "All Access" so that when a show runs over (60 Minutes) we can go to that site and watch the entire show? Especially like this past Sunday when they were showing the season premeir of a new "Star Trek: Discovery". You go there to watch it as they indicate and you select Verizon as my  service provider it says it can't find me and then sends me over to a subscription page asking for a credit card. So you look up top and it says you can do a two week trial but then it still wants a credit carrd and it will cost $5.99 a week. isn't that double jeapordy since we are paying you and they want us to pay them along with paying you for access?

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That would be because CBS NOT Verizon wants you to pay for it. You should be complaining to CBS, they are the ones running this scam. It has nothing to do with Verizon, CBS wants to create it's own streaming network and charge for it. That is what CBS All Access is.
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Complain to CBS.
They are the ones that started CBS access a pay only streaming service.

Far as I know, you can't get free access with any cable subscriber.

You can possibly watch it on demand.

But CBS has said this will be an All Access show afterwards.

Similar to shows on Netflix of Hulu.