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When will verizon start carrying the One America New Channel?

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This is the second time i have commented about this channel where the previous comments vanished into thin air. They disappeared thanks to lithium doing their routine maintenence which ended up removing everyone's comments for those 2-3 days when people were on here. My previous comments were that one america was probably not going to happen because of the colossal failure of the right tv network. It was a network that was created because they believed that fox news is too liberal and left wing which borders on being a socialistic news network so they were created to balance out that leftist point of view by creating a network that put forth only right wing points of views about the issues of the day. Right tv was offered by verizon back in 2009 on demand but there was no interest from verizon customers so it went away and the channel filed for bankruptcy after about only a year of existence. The right network now only exists as a website and after all of the heavy promotion by kelsey grammer to try to get people to watch and demand that the network be added to people's channel lineups it ended up throwing in the towel. Now for those who want a conservative spin on the news of the day they can tune in on a daily basis to the the republican news channel fox news channel.

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