New FIOS one cable box used with 3rd party TP link router?

Does anyone know ifyou can use the new FIOS cable box with a non-verizon issued router? 

I have a TP link router and the Wifi works but I keep getting a "no coax connection" error 1202 on my TV.  In the diagram it looks like the verizon gateway routher has a coax plug buy my router does. 

I have the coax going into the cable box and the eternet going into the router. Please help! I cannot get anyone at Verizon to help or give me a difinitive answer on whether i need a verzion router. 

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Community Leader

If you are using your own router then you need a MoCA adapter to use FiOS TV. I have read on here that you do have to have a Verizon router for activation purposes. 

The easiest thing would be to get a Verizon router and turn off the wifi and configure your TP Link in AP mode for wireless.