New FiOS TV VOD interface

While the interface looks better, it's still a frustrating user experience. The boxes are just slow. Navigating through the menu items is maddening. In addition, when watching a show, as it nears the end, the screen fades to show some VOD options to play a new show or some nonsense. They're trying to be Netflix-like, but failing miserably, as this feature kicks in while the show is still on, instead of during the credits! So poorly programmed, it needs to be fixed. In order to see the last 15 secs or so of the show you're watching, you have to hit pause, then play to that the stupid overlay disappears. In addition, searching is still an awful experience, and there's no voice command feature like others. Luckily, I've been able to hook up Alexa and that's somewhat useful. For the premium us FiOs customers pay, we should be getting the best of the best. With Gigabit ethernet, it's not the pipe slowing things down, it must be the boxes themselves that are just not up to the task

Re: New FiOS TV VOD interface
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