New Fios TV User - HD Picture Quality looks Great and Not Fuzzy

Just a note from a new Fios TV Install:

I have been an old user of Direct TV for quite some time and I am transitioning to Fios TV as a new user. Please understand that a new user may not understand some Fios Formats that may be simple to other users. As soon as I installed Fios TV, I clicked on a local CBS station. It worked, but looked fuzzy and the channel did not have HD quality. I was concerned that the local Station and other channels would look fuzzy and had poor quality than my previous provider. But I did not understand that the HD Channel Fios Format started at the 500 Channel level. This may seem simple to other users, but for a new user, it took a little effort to understand. Channel 3 was only SD and Channel 503 was HD and looked great. So, for all New Users, please understand that HD does look great in FIOS  and understand that HD Channels start at channel 500!

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