New Release Movies
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I have been trying to figure out what is going on with On Demand New Release Movies. In December there were "Coming Soon" movies--Blue Jasmine, Gravity, Rush, The Butler, Captain Phillips.  Some had 'available for viewing' dates and some did not.  The Butler was dated 12/31, Rush was dated 1/14, Blue Jasmine 1/14, etc.  Then as the dates got closer, the dates on half of the movies disappeared and they were not available and some dates changed. None of them have been available for renting. Most of them only had  Pre-Buy, with no dates as to when these films that you buy would even be available to view if you bought them or be available to rent.  Frankly it was one big mess and I could not understand why the new release dates are so screwed up.

Is there a reason Verizon cannot simply put the real date these movies will be available to be rented as long as they are promoting them? Do they omit the actual rental dates so you will buy a movie? What is the point of NOT letting viewers know when the movie can be rented On Demand? I find this exceptionally frustrating as surely Verizon knows at least one month in advance when the movies will be available to rent!  Is this just more corporate disorganization? What department do you even call to find out when the real date is available to rent? I can't even believe people pre-buy streaming movies without a date for when you actually can view them. They ought to be putting the real date for buying and the real date for renting. Are the On Demand movies posted by the same people who do the guide (as there are frequently mistakes on that as well)?