New Set Top Box Software is Garbage

The recent changes to the STB are terrible.  First, the menu is awful.  It is an attempt to look refreshed, but it is less intuitive, and harder to use.  When you are on a specific line, the show's title is listed twice, which is confusing, and the timeline is at the top so you can't easily see how far into a program you already are.

Worse than that is the fact that now Pay Per View shows are listed IN LINE with regular shows; Verizon will say it is easier for the customer to select content, but in truth it is just easier to accidentally order a pay per view show; I wonder how many people, especially with kids in the house, will end up buying shows without even knowing until the bill arrives.

The picture quality has dropped; it is obvious that the frame rate is now lower, and the shows look stuttery.  Also, shows that used to fill my 16x9 screen no longer do.

And who is the idiot who put BET (Black Entertainment Television) between Nick and Disney???  Do I really want my kids channel surfing onto BET???  It used to be thoughtfully grouped with all the kids channels together. 

I now hate FiOS and will switch to something else.

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Re: New Set Top Box Software is Garbage
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Can't comment on the rest, but on my guide BET is after Disney/Nick. Disney starts at 250 and Nick starts at 252. BET is at 270.