New TV Upgrade yesterday, now the TV service doesn't work at all, Verizon Customer Service Closed?

Hi Everyone,

I upgraded my TV service yesterday from FIOS Prime HD to Extreme HD.  The service then worked for about an hour.  Then I went out and came back to the TV service not working at all.  

At first it would try to reboot itself, now it just gives me a message to call Verizon and give them a 4 digit code.   When I do that the automated agent tells me that its run into a technical fault and it will have to connect me with someone that can help.  After waiting on the line for 1/2 hour, I suppose it's safe to assume that Verizon customer service is closed today?

Has anybody had a similar issue that they can help me with this?  It's so frustrating, and obviously the kids were really hoping to watch some movies today so it's going to be a VERY long Thanksgiving day. 

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.


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Did you try powering off the rotere and restarting it?