Newbie. Setting up DVR Series recording the correct way

I need help on how to set up the recordings on a 7232 DVR with IMG 1.9. I just joined FIOS last week.

Lets use Monday night as an example, I have one show (Eureka on Syfy) that airs twice (7PM CST and 10PM CST) and two others that only play once ("How I Met Your Mother", ABC 7PM and "The Lying Game" on ABCFAM 7PM). I set Eureka to a lower priority than the others, the system records the others as it should be, but if I choose the option for recording as "first run only" for Eureka, its gets skipped altogether.

If I choose "First Run and Repeats", it records EVERY airing of Eureka, even those that have already recorded, INCLUDING those that have been recorded, watched and deleted.

I have set Duplicates to "no" and "yes" and it doesn't seem to matter.

Additionally, I have new channels (HDNet) and am wanting to record old shows as well as new of a series "Drinking Made Easy". Same setup as above and it records every single episode even those already watched and deleted. The deleted shows are in my deleted list

What is the magic formula for the system to record any show only once, but still  record either first run or repeat

My options are:

First Run only, Duplicates No

First Run only, duplicates Yes

First run and repeats, duplicates No (current setup and logic says this should do what I am aiming to do)

First Run and Repeats, Duplicates Yes (logic says will record everything regardless of being recorded already or not)

Was with Dish prior and their logic knew if the show was new or already been recorded (even if it was deleted) and recorded it only if 1) it was new, or 2) it was never recorded previously

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Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with series recordings. If unplugging the power cord and plugging back in does not fix it, please send me a private message so I can send a re-programming command to your DVR.