Newer DVR upgrade
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Last year I was offered to upgrade our dvr, I connected all connections from the previous dvr to the new one, that includes my dvd player/recorder

I figured everything would work as it, I had some things stored on my new dvr's hard drive and this weekend I decided to burn on a dvd for storage as I've done in the past.

Well,  I've tried everything but no matter what I do I cannot burn anything as my previous dvr.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? (it's been at least a year since I last tried to burn something)

Any sugguestions or help would be appreciated.

Thanks, MCL1

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I am able to use a video capture program to copy (at playback speed) the video thru composite (RCA) cable to my computer.  It creates a mpg file that is about 1mg per second of play.

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I still have the older, Motorola  QIP 7232 2  HD DVR.  I can record DVD's while watching any movies, even the On Demand pay movies.  A friend of mine was bragging about getting a great deal on a HD DVR upgrade, with much more features. This friend is now wishing she had her old box,  because she can't record anything.   I am keeping my older version HD DVR as long as possible.

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A while back (may have been a year or more) Verizon changed the output of STBs that will no longer allow the content to be copied and saved by an external device that has copy protection detection.