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Hello, I know I've been yammering about this for years and my head is about to explode.  I know it's a minor thing...relatively speaking... but I want a version of TWC's NY1.  The thing is... when I first signed up nearly three years ago, one of my key concerns was giving that up when I made the switch.  I mentioned that to the person who signed me up.  She promised me.  No. For real... that one was in the works.  Well, here I am, about 5 years later... having called on and off every few months about this and being told the same thing.  "We're working on it".  

You know.  It's really not that difficult people.  I'm in the news business myself.  It wouldn't be that hard to find unemployed journalists, producers, technicians, camerapeople etc. to staff this new endeavor.   Or even kids fresh out of journalism school.  So what's the problem?

I'm about to find out when my contract is up and am seriously considering bailing on Verizon over this... yeah, and the fact that they charge for channels TWC gives for free.  I was lazy and only recently figured that out.

Will anyone from Verizon reply to this.  Somehow I doubt it, but here goes.

BTW, I'd call the channel CITY 1.  

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What channels does twc give free that Verizon charges for?

And why should Verizon create a channel just for NYC?

What about balt/wash area? Or Boston area?

We have similar size of customers.