No Guide or VOD - STB Not getting IP address

Have 2 DVRs connected to Actiontec via Coax. Neither box is receiving an IP address after multiple reboots of the router and STBs. TV signal is coming through fine but no Guide or VOD.

Internet is connected via Ethernet and is working fine.

Upon doing a self test on the STB's I get the following:

RF Connection

OOB S/N Ratio: 13db

Cable subscription: Successful

Network Connection

LAN: Failed

WAN: Failed

Gateway: Failed

DNS: Failed

On the router the Coax LAN is not showing any lights and status shows Disconnected. 

Twp days ago tech support corrected an issue where remote DVR was not working.

Tonight called Verizon Tech support and they said they are having issues in the area, however my neighbor is working fine. They asked I call back later, however I can't seem to get through right now.

Why wouldn't the STBs be pulling a LAN IP from the router?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: No Guide or VOD - STB Not getting IP address

that 13 db is super low, which makes me think you have a cabling issue somewhere. 

you may want to unfasten the coax at both ends of the router, and at the other end being the splitter or the wall,.   if that oob doesn't improve, also do it at the cable box and the wall    see if you can get it to go higher.  you may need a technician out.  that number should be 24 ish, or in that neck of the woods, and not 13

if you or tech support haven't already done so, you will want to reboot the home router, and after it gets reconnected, then reboot your set top box (unplug it and plug it back in) and see if that number increases.