No HDMI audio output to TV with Fios (only)

Hi All,

I am trying to watch Fios Live TV on my Vizio TV.  I have successfully logged in to my account, selected a channel from "Watch Fios" > Live TV, and am able to watch on my laptop.

Then I connected my tv through an HDMI cable, selected the appropriate graphics output, confirmed that the tv shows up in the Playback devices on my computer, and set is as the default playback device.

The video played beautifully, but I could not get any sound through my tv (it continued paying through the laptop's native speakers).  I tested a different external speaker (and could not get sound through that).  Then I viewed a clip on Youtube.  Both audio and video rendered perfectly on my tv.

So using the same audio output settings, HDMI cable, and the HDMI jacks used, I am able to get both audio and video to output to my tv from Youtube, but only video when watching Fios!!!

After 3 1/2 hours of troubleshooting, combing through the forums here, chatting with Fios support, and calling support, I am still at wit's end as to what the issue may be. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!