No Record button on Web
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I cannot use web remote to record.  I can see the listings and my boxes, etc but there is no record button.

I have worked with Verizon tech support, reset modem/browser/STB mutiple times as well as disable/enable the function in the guide setup.

No joy.

any other suggestions?

Re: No Record button on Web

is there a disable remote dvr from the fios menu? 

if there is, you may want to disable it then reboot the box and then re-enable it.

you HAVE to do it in that order.  if you did those things before, and are not sure if you did them the above order, then do it again just like described above.

 if that doesn't work, there is something the fios tech support guys can do,  your trick is finding an agent that reads their information or can reach out to a tier ii help desk person.