No internet, no on demand, and no channel programs

What am I looking at, if I don’t have a lan coax light on… I’m experiencing no internet ,no on demand and also no channel programs on 2 of my 3 tvs… on the front of my router, the globe is red and the wifi symbol is white… on the back of the router there are dim lights, or what may be… no lights. Please help… should the router even affect my tv, if I’m not using Ethernet connection? 

Re: No data connectivity
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If there is a red globe on the front of the router, that would indicate that the router is not seeing the Internet. The Set Top Boxes have an Internet connection in order to update the guide, messages and other Administrative tasks. The connection is made with the coaxial cable that connects to the back of the Set Top Box.

There are different reasons why the loss of television and Internet functions could be happening.

Let's start with the ONT (the Verizon "box"). There shouldn't be any red lights on it. If you look at the ONT, are there any red lights illuminated? 🤔

Sometimes, posting pictures will help us to be able to figure our what is going on. If possible, could pictures of the router and the ONT be posted for us to see? 🤔

If I had to guess, the ONT will have a red light or two illuminated, but the pictures will prove if that is the case.

Side note: pictures that are submitted go into queue for a Moderator to check out. Once approved, the pictures will appear for us to see. 🙂