No more battery backup?
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Verizon tech came over and installed a new PSU for the ONT, said the old one was no good.  He ripped out the old PSU and battery backup unit.  He did not install a new battery backup unit and said Verizon is no longer doing that.  Is this true?  The tech didn't even bother mounting the new PSU.

Edit: Apparently you now have to purchase a separate backup battery unit called PowerReserve for $39.99 plus shipping.  Info here:

Side note: For some reason Verizon reps kept telling me there is an outage in my area (reason for me not getting service).  Obviously there wasn't one as the tech was able to fix my issue.  

Re: No more battery backup?
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The Alcatel ONT units can now use a PSU only. If you would like a battery back up then you can order the power reserve, that is the correct information.