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I've changed a couple things in my setup recently and noticed after that I wasn't getting channel info in the guide. 

My changes: 

1. Disabled wifi on the Fios router in favor of Google Wifi 

2. Moved the router to a different room - to do this, I disconnected the coax running into the router (to fit in a raceway) when I realized I still had internet through ethernet. I have ethernet and coax cables running out of the house to the ONT. 

I have separate coax lines (back to the ONT) going into the house to the various STBs. 

My question: Are the STBs reliant on getting channel info over wifi from the router? And does the router only get that via coax and not ethernet? Was curious why the tech plugged both in.  Trying to avoid running both through walls to my new router placement. 

Re: No program information available
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Community Leader

Disconnecting the coax from the router is what caused the problem. Your WAN internet connection is provided from the ethernet. The coax provides a MoCA LAN connection for the STB so the Guide and OnDemand works. Plug the coax back into the router and reboot your STBs and you'll be back in business.