Oh No! The new Fios One box is a DUD!

Yes, it's entirely possible that Verizon's brilliant new solution to multi-room DVR, with voice command, and a much more easily navigable on demand menu is a dud. Or perhaps a team in charge of procurement and programming overlooked a significant issue that is going to give the folks at tech support a lot of unnecessary headaches.

CEC - Consumer Electronics Control... that's the best guess right now. Tech support and I spent about an hour (my fifth this week, what joy) trying to figure out whether or not my TV was sending a signal to the VMS (formerly referred to as STB) that it was shut off, and time to download or refresh the box.

I keep asking if an auto-update is failing. Actually, I'm quite convinced. But... apparently I'm wrong. Apparently I also shouldn't plug my Fios One into a surge protector. Maybe tell that to the install guy? Or maybe I should try a different outlet. Seriously, this is how insulting tech support can be. I told him no. I told the guy on the phone that I was absolutely not going to retry this process by plugging my cable box into a different outlet - as if perhaps this outlet was only getting 109 volts?

So here's the real problem: All these new little boxes are linked to the main box in the living room. Every time the living room TV is powered down (yes, trust me, I tried to trick it by just shutting off the TV) my main box (the VMS, or Video Media Server, as it's now called) goes into an epic light show mode for about an hour - white/yellow... green/red... red/green... fast... slow... seriously, rivals Epcot - where all the rest of the TV's in the house are unavailable. It's my favorite.

In one of these threads, I read something about someone resetting their quantum gateway, because it was preventing a download from finishing. I'll definitely let the tech guy know about that possibility when he gets here next week. If Comcast doesn't get here first.

So good luck. Chances are many more of you will have this problem - as the exasperated guys on the phone have indicated.

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