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I'm paying $150.00 a month and the mayorities of these movies or shows are from the 40's, 50's, 60's, and , so and so. I was not even born I hate when I pay for something that when I got home from a hard day of work and I have to keep changing the channels because there is just junk, nothing good to watch, I'm tired of it. I'm even thinking to cancel the service. I gave a chance to see if it was just for a while but it looks like it's the only thing you guys offer. I ask to my co-workers to see if it was something that it was happening just to me, but they told me that they have the same issue. So now I'm done please explain what's going on, because if I want to watch retro movies I'll get it from the library. I do not expected to watch it in fios which I pay a lot of money a month in comparison for the time that I expend at home and because is so minimum I want quality. Thanks for your time.

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Verizon, like other cable providers, have no control over what is shown on each channel.

They are showing what gives them the best ratings.

I do disagree that so much of the content is that old.

Yes, there is a big push these days for showing content from 80s on. But reruns have always been popular because they are cheap to run. Why else would MASH still be on 30+ years after it went off the air.

And there is a fair amount of more current content.

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Actually I like the old movies and retro series and game shows. They were quality. In fact tv ratings have shown that this is actually what people want to watch.

couple that with the high cost of constant sporting events (which I never watch) and make it seem I am in the colosseum in Ancient Rome with gladiators and the poor Christians going to the lions, they can keep it.

Todays programming is towards fantasy and violence.  Just look at what we are stuck with. There are great shows on like Murdoch Mysteries and Dr. Blake or even other quality shows from the UK or Canada and Australia.

American shows are in my opinion crap.

Do as I did and get a streaming service like Hulu, or Acorn TV, or BritBox, Amazon Prime, or Netflix and select what you want to watch.