On Demand Pixels, sound/screen freeze, timing off

So some movies are worse than others and mostly the issue is when we are using on demand, but the picture/sound  interuption is extremely annoying.  We even put cc on so we can catch what is being said but that gets scrambled.  We find it interesting that it doesn't happen to every TV in the house (even the older ones) and it doesn't happen when we stream from vudu on the TVs or when verizon is on the computer.  We even have a sound timing issue watching regular programming causing us to change the channel and come back for it to be right again. This has always happened and i thought it was a product of the wireless speed we contracted with our package but we didnt get the bottom of the barrel.  We also figured it would get worse so verizon could convince us we need a faster speed.  It wasn't until friends came over and ask about the problem noting it has never happened to them and they have one of the lowest data rate packages.  Any ideas before I spend days on the phone setting up a service window of 4-8 hours?    I know best bet is have someone come look at it but I thought I'd ask before taking a day off work over this.  Thanks

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Customer Service Rep
Hi facets58, I would love to help you out on this issue. This is not real hard to troubleshoot to find out what is causing the problem. This is normally going to be one of three things. It will either be the box is having a problem or the signal to the box is having a problem or the signal from the box to the TV is having a problem (HDMI). First, make sure all the coax connections at the back of the box, wall and splitter are screwed on tightly. If that does not work, second, reseat the HDMI cable at the back of the box and the back of the TV. If neither of these work Third, swap boxes with one that works. See if the problem follows the box or if the problem stays at the that location. If it follows the box then the problem is with the box. If the problem stays at the location then it is a problem with the Signal. Once that is done and you know what is causing the problem you can go to our Facebook page and send us a message and we will advise on how this can be fixed if the first couple of steps did not resolve the issue. ~Frank