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Problem unable to access the free on demand for the channels in my package.  Get message must subscribe although I am already subscribed with my package.  Check numerous network on my package and all have the same issues.  Rebooted the stb and still the same.  I don't see any info regarding an outage.  Anyone with similar issue?  How did you fix the issue?  Tried the settop diagnosis.  First time we have had this issue.  My son is going bonkers, can't see his Cartoon Network program.

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The new on demand system is unusable. Many users have complained. The only way for we customers to get this awful stuff fixed is to simply refuse to use On demand, espcially to purchase anything, unti;l verizon comes to its senses and makes this feature usable on TV sets again.

Verizon will only ever listen when it hurts their revenue stream.

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Have you seen this ?


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