On Demand "free" availability

I have had FIOS for just 6 months and have had trouble watching "on demand Free" programs on more than 5 occasions.  It can last for 2 days or more - where I can watch one program and then it says sorry you don't have enough money in your account to view this program - really - And when I call to try to correct it -which I have done twice - I am on the phone for an hour or more and it is not solved - i am told oh there is an outage in your area - what does that mean - everything else is working - I usually give up and don't call back - which i'm sure they are counting on - And try to send a complaint email to verizon FIOS - there is no place but in this forum to send a complaint to the company.....or it is hidden very well on the website.  I never had this issue when I had COX cable - this makes me wonder why I switched......