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I have to tell you, I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the FIOS On-Demand service.  When I had Cox I could literally watch nearly everything that was on current cable AND broadcast.  Watching everything on Adult Swim was great, watching current shows on Discovery, History Channel, Science Channel, Etc, Etc, Etc.  The shows available on FIOS on demand are weak, and I'm being nice.  Shows disappear in days and the ones that remain are just horrible.  3 whole shows listed for the History Channel?  I do not own a DVR, is this Verizon's way of forcing people to purchase the DVR service?  I mean, I'm already paying over $200.00 a MONTH for this service, now they want me to pay for the DVR service by limiting the quality and quantity on their On-Demand service?  That's the way it seems to me because I can't find anything even worth watching on the on-demand programs taht are listed.  I mean 2 episodes of Robot Chicken, with how many seasons out there?????  And please, don't give me the cost excuse, if even a 1/4 of the people who are paying for FIOS are paying what I'm paying a month they could pay for the **bleep** rights to BUY some of these shows outright.  Anyway, had to vent people, 'cause their on-demand choices really suck.  L8R people.....

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In my area FiOS has always been behind Comcast in VOD content, especially in HD content and free movie content.   For premiums my biggest complaint was the limited Starz! HD content and the fact they didn’t add HBO HD VOD when it became available again (Comcast did on day one).  I was ready to complain then I noticed the new thread “Verizon FiOS TV Adds More Premium Video-on-Demand Programming in HD” and associated link.  Wow, great news!  HD Movie heaven!   When is “soon”?    I thought it a little disingenuous however to state in the press release that Fios is “continuing its high-definition and video-on-demand (VOD) programming leadership” when they’re just beginning to catch-up with VOD programming. 

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When is “soon”? 

Well, it says "Fall" so I would take that to be sometime from Sept. 21 (or is it 20th or 22nd this time?) to Dec. 21 (or thereabouts). Previous experience with FiOS would suggest that later is more likely than sooner, but we can hope Smiley Happy

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Well, there are some new channels being added by month's end, that time-line sounds right. The Movie Channel HD-VOD has already been added. But it consists right now of only one film!  (HOT ROD)