On Screen Program Guide Could Use Some Additional Features

I subscribed to Dish Network before FIOS.  I found the on screen program guide to be much better with Dish than FIOS.  Maybe Verizon can add these features (or make them optional):

1.  Along with the options to view all Channels, all HD, all sports, etc. Dish had the option to view only the channels to which I subscribed.  This was very handy since I didn't have to page through a bunch of stuff I didn't receive (like all of the movie channels and certain HD channels I don't get).  I'm guessing all FIOS subscribers would enjoy this feature.  The only way around this is to set up a giant favorites list, but then you would miss new channels as FIOS adds them.

2.  When viewing the guide, a network's standard def channel and high def channel would be listed below each other.  This is handy when the high def and standard def channels are airing different programs (I think HGTV and Food Network among others sometimes have different programs on their HD and SD channels).  The HD channels would also appear later in the guide in their proper place.

3.  The high def channel numbers for local channels were the same as standard def.  Since I get my local channels in HD, there should be a way to be able to default to the high def signal.  In other words if I want to watch ABC channel 7, then FIOS should recognize I would rather see channel 7 in HD than SD.  The Dish Network set top box would display "7" instead of "507".  There should be no need for me to view channel 507 or have it displayed on the set top box.

Overall I think FIOS is a great service, but these changes would make it better.

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