On demand movie - free to me - if I subscribe
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I've had this issue for several years. I tried, unsuccessfully, to resolve with Fios phone support. I'm wondering if anyone here has found a solution. I've also tried re-initializing the STB through the menus multiple times, where the box is powered off and the programming downloaded again upon startup. No change.

Under On Demand - Movies, I'll see a movie with text above it stating "Free to me". Sometimes, I can click such a movie, and it is indeed available for me to watch for free. But just as often, I click the movie, and on the next page, under the movie description will be a bubble again proclaiming "Free to me", and another bubble next to that with "HBO". Along the bottom, instead of a Watch button, there will be a Subscribe button. If I click that, I'll be shown the normal subscribe page; I think the quote when I did this earlier today was $15.99/mo.

I've never had an HBO subscription, but I have accepted an offer for free trial subscription. Maybe this is why Verizon still has me connected to HBO in their database. Has anyone figured out a way to eliminate these bogus "Free to me" options? I appreciate having genuine offers of movies that are free for me to watch, but these false flags are annoying. Thanks.