On demand shows and premium service
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I pay $225 for premium service.  It's frustrating that I can't even catch up on demand shows.

It's a constant problem.

I"m now trying to watch USA Mr. Robot.

I get every single episode except 101.

But it gets better, I can see it ESP 101.

This is extremely frustrating and I've complained about the shows not getting updates since I've come over to Verizon.  I've been at comcast nearly 20 years and very disapointed by the selection of on deman shows not having updates.

Even when I search for something, it wants to charge me.  But I know the network name and the show its free.  This is absolutely unacceptable as a service.

Re: On demand shows and premium service
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Community Leader

Sometimes is the content provider that limits the on demand selection.

CBS for example is pushing their pay service so there are limits to the shows you can see on demand.