OnDemand Restarting Without ability to fast forward

Ondemand rewinds my show to the beginning automatically.  When I pause my show for too long the show rewinds to the beginning.  I am forced to rewatch the show without ability to fast forward.  I try to bookmark but that bookmarks the show not the place I left off.  I paused my show today to put away clothes I was folding and came back 15 mins later and my show went back to the beginning.  If you've already watched a show up to a certain point and seen the COMMERCIALS we should be able to fast forward.  I've already watched the advertisers that have paid for me to see their products once I shouldn't have to go to the beginning of the show again to make sure I see all the ads again.

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Community Leader

FiOS on demand can only buffer a few minutes.

If you have quantum and the new for menu, you should be able to stop and resume.

Not being able to resume has been around for a number of years.

But reported to be fixed in latest release.