One of My Set Top Boxes Randomly Drops Channels
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I am having an issue with the cable working fine and then it rains or gets wet outside and one of the boxes (I have 2) begins to randomly drop channels. If I reset and or unplug and restart the box sometimes it clears up then on days when the weather is fine I lose one or two channels occasionaly. Then it will go weeks with no problems at all. They all are the same ones. I believe I have either a set top box or cable problem and here is the kicker, when they installed my FIOS years back instead of installing new cable they used the old COX cable that was pre-existing along with a small section of new cable. I believe I need a service call and new cable installed after 10 years. Am I being unreasonable?

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Community Leader

Cabling is homeowner responsibility.

If it is only one of the boxes, try this.

Swap the boxes around to see if the problem follows.

Understand it may take a few weeks to determine.

Also, start at ONT.

Make sure that all connections are tight.

And also look for damaged cable/connectors.