Online FIOS order completed for current address, but Verizon is only recognizing previous address?

This entire situation is bizarre.  I added FIOS Tv to my existing FIOS internet account and the set top box was shipped July 30 and delivered July 31.  However, it was not delivered to my current address but instead to my previous address from 2 years ago.  Luckily someone was home and I was able to come pick it up.

I opened the package and inside was the set top box, but the packing list was for someone else entirely who lives in a different state.  Needless to say, that activation code was not correct.

After spending several hours on the phone this morning with a very helpful representative, she determined that I do in fact have internet service to my current address, I did place an order, but somehow the tv service is registered to my old address.........She explained something about their 2 systems (service and account/billing) weren't syncing up for me.

Has anything like this happened to anyone else?  As of right now every time I click "check order status" in My FIOS account, it takes me to the check availability in my area page.

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