Onsite tech service fee?
I called support who could fix a problem. Had to send a tech. I was told that since it had only been less than 2 weeks at that point, there would be no fee for a tech to arrive. At what point do I get charged for onsite service? and why? If FIOS equipment is at fault, why should I pay to have it fixed or replaced?
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If it is faulty FiOS equipment, you would not be charged.  If it's inside-wiring, you may be charged (example: telephone wiring or new coax run). 

You may be charged if it's an issue with your equipment...like lets say you cannot get a picture on your TV, you go through and troubleshoot with an agent but you refuse to check cabling.  If a FiOS tech comes in and plugs in your TV, you are going to be charged for the visit.

I'm not covering some other special instances but it's really common sense if you think about it.

I hope that helps!

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