Operating Set top boxes via the LAN Connection

I have a customer that has 3 set top boxes on a business account. Due to an equipment failure, not related to Verizon equipment, i am trying to find a solution to better fix the problem and save them money. I need to know if i can attach a LAN cable to the set top box, plug into the wired network and let the customer control the set top box via a web browser. They would need to be able to change channel, change security settings, etc.... all through the LAN connection on the set top box. No need to use the remote or any verizon tv apps.

Re: Operating Set top boxes via the LAN Connection
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Community Leader

Short answer is maybe.

The newer boxes (Quantum) have the capability to run via lan.

But you have to have a main box (Video Media Server or VMS) first.
Then the remote boxes (IPCs) can be connected via lan.

All of the FIOS STBs can be controlled via the FIOS app on a smart phone.