Ordering Fios - "How many MORE Tvs" Question
Trying to order Fios for my new apartment, and one of the questions when ordering is "How many MORE TVs would you like to connect to Fios?" Now, Maybe I'm being simple-minded about this but should I be selecting how many additional TVs I have, or how many total TVs I have? I only have 2 TVs, I'm just getting thrown by the wording of the question. On the last page/billing summary, it has me listed for 1 HD set-top box. I guess I just would like someone who has recently ordered Verizon to clarify, should I be selecting total TVs I need hooked up or just how many additional TVs aside from my main one. I unfortunately can't call Verizon support today so I was hoping for some quick insight. Don't want to mess up my order and deal with the hassle of fixing it later. Thanks!
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