P265v5 RC remote problems

Hello all. We have two stbs, one media server and one small HD box. For some reason today we developed an issue with the remote in the living room. When trying to manually enter channel numbers, or look at the guide, the stb does not respond, or worse yet, when it does let me enter numbers, it will only let me enter two digits. I swapped the remotes, and the one from the living room stb worked fine in the bedroom with the HD box; but the bedroom remote did the exact same thing when using it with the living room stb. I chatted with tech support about the issue, and it was decided after quite a bit of frustration to replace the media server box. I brought the HD box downstairs and hooked it up,  and both remotes act up. They are fine when used with the media server box, which is now upstairs. the downstairs TV has been rendered useless by the inability to control it. I suspect some sort of interference, but I cannot imagine what would be interfering with it. Any help would be most appreciated, as I am at my wit's end with this. Thank you.

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