Painfully Slow Interactive Media Guide

I just switched from being a Time Warner Cable customer for 15 years over to Verizon Fios. Whle I love the internet speeds with Fios, the Interactive Media Guide is painfully slow and really ruins the cable viewing experience. I have reset the cable box and changed the batteries in the remote and nothing has changed. I am not sure if I am going to stay with Fios because of this lag time in the interactive media guide.

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This service is absolutly the worse. I have constant hanging on the guide, support tried to fix same issue. Sometimes its a whole minute! Its been getting worse and worse. Sick of this {word filter avoidance} for the money I pay.

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I suggest you try to call Verizon Technical Support.  we have 3 boxes and have no problems with speed on any box.


My experience is similar ... painfully slow, reaction time between button push and action is ridiculous, and additionally if we push or scroll too quickly, the system reboots itself.

I believe that the guide has too much "interactive" for the equipment to handle.  It's just like trying to keep using your iPhone 4 with IOS 8 ... the equipment just can't handle the upgraded software.

I would love to know if Verizon has any plan at all to manage this.  It is simply not right to sit through 1-2 self induced reboots while watching, or rather trying to watch television.  Never mind what happens to your recording should it happen while a scheduled recording is happening.

Anyone?  Other than have to pay for an upgraded piece of equipment?  (Which should be provided free).

The interactive guide is a great idea ... but can't be used as intended.  I saw another post somewhere about the colors ... yes I find it difficult in that respect as well.  good idea - but can be put to intended use.