Parental Control
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Is there a way to activate the Parental Control pin everytime I turn the TV on?

I have the parental control set for age appropriate content for my kids.  Unfortunately, when I am watching and have to channel surf, I have to enter the pin for every channel.  It is so annoying.

If I deactivate the parental controls and forget to activate it, it stays deactivated until I manually turn it on.

My previous service provider (Optimum) had a great feature for this.  I have to enter the parental control pin once and it deactivates parental control for all the channels.  When I turn off the TV, the parental control automatically turns on.  I don't even have to remember to turn it on.  If my kids turn on the TV later, the parental controls are on.

Is there something similar in Fios TV?  I thought Fios TV had better user experience.

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