Pause function on 6416 HD DVR
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I wanted to understand how the pause function works on the Motorola 6416 HD DVR. When I hit pause it pauses TV fine but after a period of time (15 mins, I'm guessing) it starts playing by its own. I thought pressing pause, pauses TV indefinitely until the hard drive is full?

If I want to pause TV and avoid this should I press record first and then pause?

Appreciate any clarification someone can give me.

Re: Pause function on 6416 HD DVR
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The box software has a 15 minute timeout for pause.  This has always been true for the FiOS boxes.  Unfortunately they also jump to live instead of jhust playing back the buffer from the pause point.  The maximum that pause could work is 1 hour since that is the maximum buffer period (not until the hard drive is full).

Best bet is to hit record and change the channel (keep in mind that the recording will include up to 1 hour of the show or back to the beginning of the show if it is less than an hour from the start) then when you want to return to watching play it from the DVR.  Sorry, no better answer.